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Aija Butler is the Author of the Fiction Mystery Suspense Drama, My Nemesis a book series, Non-Fiction Memoirs, “Life Honestly After, The Undeniable Truth,” and “The Rebirth of My Soul,” an intimidate look at her walk with illness, sharing her journey through recovery and independence. She is also the Poet/Songstress of the Poetic Experience, My Butterfly Effect, and Non-Fiction Poetic Memoirs, In the Mourning.

Latest works involve freelance article writing,and an album of musical and poetic memoirs. Aija also looks to put together her first script and plans to release three new books in the year 2012. Look out for this creative genious she is taking on the world of creative arts by storm.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life Honestly After In Stores 12/25/2010 Small Snipet

How long do you plan to stand for the foolishness your companion throws your way?

If it is a constant battle to communicate, or see eye to eye about the fundamentals of respecting one another in a love relationship, it may be time to lace up your Nikes and head for the door.

It takes two whole individuals to make one. A unique bond formed, to create other like beings. A divine, soulful unity built on trust, understanding, love, and of course compromise. Compromise being the deal breaker, a lot of the time.

We as individuals especially those who have spent a large amount of time as single persons find it hard to compromise with their partners. Being alone means that you have no one to answer to, or explain yourself to. While, when you are forming a partnership those decisions you make affect all parties considered.

Don’t continue to wander alone in love. Sometimes we must love hard and afar. Love you enough to maintain a healthy build and level of sanity. We loose our minds in love. It will become uneventful trying to make something which isn’t ever going to be.

The mind can be a terrible horrible thing to waste. Meaning, that if all efforts are being made to come to an understandable level of compromise and you still cannot see eye to eye, then it may be time to depart. This may stand true for separation of the heart or those trying to flee from abusive obsessed individuals.

For those of you abused ladies and/or gentlemen we will touch base on that a little later. This bit is about merely loving you enough to maintain your own stability of the mind. We can not continue to love on individuals that do not care for their own well being. We must love them enough to let them go.

Like I said before, persons can not form together if they are not of equal parts. If you are not whole, one, gist, an individual with individual goals, plans, and assets. Then you are not ready to become unified with another whole individual.

Be true to yourself, that’s the only individual you can truly control. To read further on this matter, I encourage you to read A nickel short of a Dollar.

Excerpt piece from Life Honestly After, In stores 12/25/2010, and A Journals Diary, In and Out of Love, Authors Aija M. Butler, Lovesjoy
All rights reserved
Copyright 2010

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