Author Aija Monique Butler, was born in San Diego California, in 1979. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area where she is a student of Medicine pursing a graduate degree in Healthcare Management. She is an Advocate and Philanthropist for non-profit program development in the areas of Youth and Social Service Development. She is a grant writer and holds an extensive background in Psychology and has a host of medical certifications. Aija has a love for the arts and is a writer of poetry both fiction and non-fiction novels and memoirs.

Aija Butler is the Author of the Fiction Mystery Suspense Drama, My Nemesis a book series, Non-Fiction Memoirs, “Life Honestly After, The Undeniable Truth,” and “The Rebirth of My Soul,” an intimidate look at her walk with illness, sharing her journey through recovery and independence. She is also the Poet/Songstress of the Poetic Experience, My Butterfly Effect, and Non-Fiction Poetic Memoirs, In the Mourning.

Latest works involve freelance article writing,and an album of musical and poetic memoirs. Aija also looks to put together her first script and plans to release three new books in the year 2012. Look out for this creative genious she is taking on the world of creative arts by storm.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Short Story, The Day my Journey Began...

Honorably Discharged...

“Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes and No! I must admit I have become quite fond of the nursing staff. I’m afraid. I am so dependant on everyone, else to take care of my needs. I don’t know how I am going to survive in the real world. Let alone take care of my daughter.”

“Honey look out that window.” Nurse Joyce demanded. “Do you see those blue skies and the wind blowing in the trees? Its Spring. A lovely time to enjoy Gods creations.”Nurse Joyce was always preaching. I was too ,so it was like we had church every other weekend, when she was on duty.

“You’re right! I guess I can’t help but worry. I have this fear of failure that I can’t seem to shudder. What if I don’t make it? The Doctor says I may not ever be the same. I have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I have so many disabilities. My goals and dreams may never take flight.”

“Is this you talking Aija? I am really confused. As much inspiration and motivation you have spread in these halls, is now a mystery to me. I don’t understand. This doesn’t sound like the Aija, I know and have grown to love. I hear those demons, that creep under our beds and try to shakes us. They shake and chase our feelings of confidence and comfort away. You can’t let this change you. This too shall pass. You are a miracle. No Doctor or Nurse, for that matter thought that you would survive this disease. You are here for a reason. Make it count!

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