Author Aija Monique Butler, was born in San Diego California, in 1979. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area where she is a student of Medicine pursing a graduate degree in Healthcare Management. She is an Advocate and Philanthropist for non-profit program development in the areas of Youth and Social Service Development. She is a grant writer and holds an extensive background in Psychology and has a host of medical certifications. Aija has a love for the arts and is a writer of poetry both fiction and non-fiction novels and memoirs.

Aija Butler is the Author of the Fiction Mystery Suspense Drama, My Nemesis a book series, Non-Fiction Memoirs, “Life Honestly After, The Undeniable Truth,” and “The Rebirth of My Soul,” an intimidate look at her walk with illness, sharing her journey through recovery and independence. She is also the Poet/Songstress of the Poetic Experience, My Butterfly Effect, and Non-Fiction Poetic Memoirs, In the Mourning.

Latest works involve freelance article writing,and an album of musical and poetic memoirs. Aija also looks to put together her first script and plans to release three new books in the year 2012. Look out for this creative genious she is taking on the world of creative arts by storm.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well Beyond Our Means

Working and feeling great about it material things seemed to over whelm my inner database. When I was out of work, I thought logically about ways in which to spend our families monthly earnings. As we knew that it had to last us threw the month. Once the money began to come easy. Budgeting our finances went straight out the window.

We started to live beyond our means. Living with in comfort would have been the logical thing to do. However, those wants that were listed on our refrigerator were now at arms reach and we couldn’t see past the greed. We had the means to live beyond our usual comfort zone, and we took advantage of the situation instead of investing our riches in to long-term ventures.

Those dreams of security and stability were possible; but instead of purchasing one family car we purchased two. Instead of getting a home that would accommodate us comfortably at a decent price. We bought a home with more rooms needed. At a much higher price that we could not afford in the event one of us lost our cushy jobs.

Plan accordingly not only to your individual paths plans and visions; but as a family. Look to the future to gain and not have to return. Whether it be returning items to the store to get necessity’s. Or back pedaling to where you had managed to escape.

Pushing forward means, that you are adding steps to your ladder of success. Mistakes are to be made, but as I said before make these mistakes life experience that we learn from.

Myself and hubby had way beyond our means at one point and time. We allowed the look and feel of money to steal our dreams of comfort. Now that we have learned, we are on a true path of success. In which we and our children reap the benefits there of.

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