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Aija Butler is the Author of the Fiction Mystery Suspense Drama, My Nemesis a book series, Non-Fiction Memoirs, “Life Honestly After, The Undeniable Truth,” and “The Rebirth of My Soul,” an intimidate look at her walk with illness, sharing her journey through recovery and independence. She is also the Poet/Songstress of the Poetic Experience, My Butterfly Effect, and Non-Fiction Poetic Memoirs, In the Mourning.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Purse Club

I remember in High School in order to belong to a certain group or club their were requirements. Your way of dress, could be quite an issue, hair, and economic status weighed heavily on the groups election process as well. There were a number of well to do clubs as well as the outcasts, and skateboarders that led their own individual circles. To share just a few, the cheer squad, and jock tables were central stationed in the quad, the list goes on.

Well in my adult age, I decided that as a Woman, while it is important to maintain loving and social relationships, it is also important to be aware of the company that you keep. Just as the glory days of high school and frat and sorer life; we still fall under the spell of following trends.

Sadly, some of those trends aren't the best suited to up hold our reputation. Even those of us leading aren't always leading the pack toward positivistic arenas of enrichment.
The Purse Club breeds new light, and meaning, to those we call girlfriends, our confidants, our power-puff party goers, gossip girl groups, our “Dawg’s,” some of our urban Sista’s may say.

The Purse club we’ve developed in my hometown has no particular dress code, hair style, or minimal economic status. The only thing we ask of you is, is that you uphold a level of respect and poise that would suggest that you value not only the lives of others; but most and for most your very own.
We ask that your character display the essence of a Woman of high moral fiber, with belief systems and or values, which ever those may be, be a true reflection of you. In other words we ask that you be about what you speak, and speak only what you know to be true.

This group of women are far from perfect, but recognize the need for growth and reflection as the years pass and the soul becomes tainted by the misfortunes of the world. The purse has no monthly dues, or membership fee. The only requirement of this organization is that you carry your own purse. There is no President or selection of members delegated to make decisions over the whole group. Our purse’s convene together on matters that affect directly. We also keep a close eye on those issues indirectly related to us in the present; but may ruffle our feathers in the future.
“Your Own Purse,” in this guild of individuals has many meanings. “The Purse,” has many tricks of trade and emergency supply’s for survival. As an avid member and believer of this club I prefer that prior to joining you make sure to tend to the affairs of your heart, soul, and mind. This will enable you to carry your purse more efficiently. We must be sure to remove all excess baggage. This is not to say that you as individual member of this group, you will be left in the winds to carry your burdens to shore alone. This is simply stating that baggage that may stifle you from success, should be left at the door.

There are enough haters, in this world to keep you down. We can not be sure of haters that may have leaked into the confines of our sacred domain. Another essential I recommend you carry in your purse is humility. Know that all things are possible through Christ Jesus, and while we hoop and holler when we have achieved our goals, we must first remember the Creator and all that he has bestowed upon us. We will not tolerate arrogance, greed, and/or selfishness.

We must be sure to know that having direction and drive is not a selfish act. You must also carry your own wallet. In it there must be some form of financial backing to your personal endeavors. While the members of the purse club will be sure to help in times of economic hardship, each member individually must carry their purses. In our purses we will carry wisdom, in the form of life experience. These tools of trade we use to overcome the burdens of career, family, and parenting. We must be willing to share and mentor to those that our new to our circle.

Sadly some women will become dispassionate and opposed to joining such a group that looks to raise awareness and self esteem. Unfortunately, this, type of connection is frowned upon. Even though acceptance and the development of healthy connections is politically correct, and mentioned in a wide range of campaigns across the board.

Everyone has a flag raised in protest of something, good or bad, the highlight of acceptance is dully noted and widely protected. For we must all belong to some group in order to be considered a part of the majority. The minority vote is often only sought during election season.

For Women today young and old the social media encourages, ideas of perfection, and places stigmas on women, that choose to work in certain professions that are respectable lines of work, but are not traditional.

Furthermore, the opposite sex approves the exploitation of women, but would not elect to marry such persons that are participants thereof. Understandably so, young women find it hard to find their place in this world. Disheveled and bitter, most of our interactions with others both professional and recreational must receive the stamp of approval.

We become jealous of one another. We choose to put one another down, in order to make ourselves acceptable. Instead of embracing one another the species of Women become world renown competitors. Body image and the perfection there of in the eyes of the media become our main priority’s. Thus we suffer, on a quest to achieve the look, that is said to be the look of popular opinion and road to success.

Most recently, there was an inquiry called to my attention in regards to the policies of the Purse Club. Questions about our rights and responsibilities act, in regards to our membership policy were raised.
Again, I will state that there is no such thing. We accept women of all race and economical hierarchy’s. What we prefer are those individuals that uphold respectability. Now, there is one issue upon which we shy upon, and it has been called to our attention that the Purse Club is not one of free will. While we don’t knock the walks of others lives particularly women in this case, does not mean we have to condone them.

The Purse Club was founded to protect the rights and character of Women. It was also invented as a way for us to get together and release our troubles, laugh at our many faults, flaws, and share the stories of our lives and our children’s humorous ventures with others that share the shame interests and concerns.
In order for us to maintain the premise that we commune to unite the forces of good within our Gender we must draw a line somewhere. This line is not one in permanent ink. This doesn’t meant that your fate of joining this group has been denied or withdrawn. It simply means as stated above that prior to joining this alliance, we would like each individual soul to be whole. In complete understanding of her path, and not only willing to forgive others; but willing to forgive herself. Holding high her head and her purse.

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